Museum of Money virtual tour. Created together with the staff of the Museum of Money and the National Bank of Ukraine

This solution allows taking a virtual walk in the museum, examining closely any exhibit. A voice-over of the tour in 3 languages ​​helps to learn more about each of the museum stands.

3D Tour


To create this tour we combined various technologies: 3d panoramas, showcase shooting, production of detailed 3d photo objects of each exhibit, voice-over of each “scene”, and completed a project with a convenient web interface.


Of course, no virtual tour will replace a live visit to the museum, but it definitely has its own benefits and opportunities.

– Quite often the museum conducts group excursions, and you rarely get to pay attention to each exhibit. As part of a virtual tour, you can check out any of the exhibits, rotate them, examine in detail for as long as you want.
– You can visit virtual tour at any time convenient to you.
– You can stay in the museum for as long as you like, move around at any speed, lingering on especially interesting exhibits.

The tour navigation is intuitive. As you choose the language version, a text block and an audio guide acquaint you with the museum. With light background music playing, you can switch from one panorama to another, look around (360 degrees), zoom in objects, read pop-up descriptions of the exhibits.

Clicking on the showcase takes you to the window where you can view the details of the showcase itself. An audio guide will tell you about the exhibits there. You can pause and replay the voice of the guide.

Using the mouse wheel or the buttons on the bottom panel, you can approach showcases and move away from it. You can easily move the showcase itself is very easy — you just need to click on it and drag it with the mouse cursor. Thus, you can explore all the exhibits of the display case with details not inferior to the real look through the glass display cases.

Having approached a 3d object, the visitor gets a unique opportunity to look at the exhibit in great detail from all sides, even if it is very miniature – such an opportunity will not exist even during a real visit to the museum.
In such detail, you can consider the smallest gold jubilee coin, which weighs slightly more than 1 gram — however, you will have to look for it, because there are a lot of exhibits in the museum 😉
You can explore the tiniest details of patterns and texton paper bills as well.

The uniqueness of our virtual tour lies in the combination of various shooting technologies, 3d panoramas and 3d photo objects, full photorealism of exhibits and panoramas presented in the virtual museum. And most importantly it gives visitors the opportunity to walk “independently” around the museum, accompanied by an audio guide.


Such a solution can be used for almost any business, which has something to show: whether it’s a museum, a hotel, a restaurant, or a real estate object. The relatively small human capital and timing budget for creating a virtual tour, flexibility, as well as full photorealism compared to 3d models, make it an ideal solution for demonstrating almost any business.

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